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Wednesday, September 3rd 2014

People We Know, Like and Trust -Useful Suppliers to Qld Bodies Corporate

List compiled by unit owners Garry Maynard and Mary McLean, proprietors of 

This is a list of people we know, like and trust who work with us at our annual Body Corporate Industry Expos in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

If you are on a committee we suggest you bookmark this page. We intend to add reliable people to this Useful Suppliers List when we become aware of them and are sure that they are worth supporting.



Body Corporate Management

Archers Body Corporate Managers  Large, professional company with offices right throughout the State with meaningful service standards

Capitol Body Corporate Administration With offices in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Redcliffe, Capitol offer friendly, professional service at a competitive price

Ace Body Corporate Management  Deal with franchised owner operators direct with Ace managers with a professional Ace approach to the industry

Select Strata Body Corporate Managers Friendly personal service from Jenny Riseley and team with immaculate bookkeeping on the Sunshine Coast

Gold Coast Body Corporate Specialists  Angela and Michael offer good value, professional service to all Gold Coast complexes

Tracsafe Body Corporate Services specialise in good value administration for smaller schemes.  Ross is happy to work with Garry on helping self managed schemes.


Maintenance Issues

Minc Services  Huge range of property maintenance, repairs and restoration as well as cleaning and maintenance services available throughout Queensland  with the Minc team

Dulux  Paint matching and colour co-ordination with quality products through the Qld Property Services Division

Boss Australia  Practical building maintenance advice and large range of useful property services for bodies corporate

Building Matters  Wendy Boulton has tremendous expertise with building problems and gives practical solutions including BSA advice


Lawyers with Body Corporate Expertise

Peter Gore  Brisbane and Sunshine Coast. Senior lawyer with minimal overheads and personal experience with unit ownership and committees

Hynes Legal -  Frank Higginson - Brisbane lawyer very experienced in all body corporate issues especially management and caretaking 

SuccessLaw Liat, Ros and the team are highly respected for their advice and experience with body corporate law. Great for debt recovery and thorough professional advice

Grace Lawyers  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. James Nickless is the Qld team member with extensive experience with building defects and general body corproate issues

Miscellaneous Resources

The New Layperson’s Guide to Body Corporate Laws in Qld Garry’s own baby. Indispensible guide to the law. Useful resource for committee people

People thinking about self management should look at purchasing a DIY handbook that is focused on smaller complexes.

The Office of the Commissioner for Bodies Corporate and Community Management The place for government information on issues and dispute resolution Phone 1800060119


Tuesday, October 29th 2013

The people behind, Garry Maynard and Mary McLean have joined Owners Corporation Network, the national organisation for unit owners. We encourage readers of this website to consider joining this owners' self-help and advocacy group as well.

OCN started in New South Wales in 2002 by unit owners who had problems and issues to do with their own complexes. Garry and Mary have been in contact with them ever since that time and we are impressed by the credibility they have achieved in their State..

OCN are widely consulted b the New South Wales government and their submissions on all sorts of matters affecting unit owners have been well considered and presented professionally. OCN have thousands of members in New South Wales and have members in all types and sizes of complexes, both resident owners and investor owners. Their member forums seem worthwhile and we plan to help them with Queensland content and input

We intend to help OCN Queensland members to achieve the same reputation for professional owner advocacy. Garry was invited in 2012 by the Qld Attorney General to represent the interests of unit owners in quarterly stakeholder meetings with the Queensland government. He and Mary will now represent the OCN at those meetings and report back to members and supporters.

People can find out more about OCN through their website

Choosing a New Body Corporate Manager

Thursday, October 17th 2013

Choosing a New Body Corporate Manager

The day-to-day management of a strata complex works best when there is a friendly, harmonious relationship between Committees and their Body Corporate Manager. Occasionally there are personality conflicts or business service issues that cannot be resolved by negotiation with the parties. If you are having trouble getting along with the particular person in your strata company who has been allocated to your complex, we suggest you ask the body corporate management company to change to another person. It is is reasonably common to have personality conflicts with particular individuals and mature people realise that we all have aspects of our own specific personalities that can make it difficult for us to get along with a few people sometimes. No one is perfect and we simply cannot get along with every single person in the world

If the conflict is not to do with clashing personalities and is based by continuing poor performance or sloppy administration and continues after your committee has complained repeatedly, a change in body corporate management may be the best answer.

The key to changing body corporate management is to read your existing contract carefully to find the current end date and the procedure to terminate or end the current contract. It may be possible to negotiate with the exissting company to end the arrangement, however this can be difficult. Our experience has been that the worst performing companies are the ones who make it the most difficult for clients to be rid of!


If you are considering changing your body corporate management, we at encourage you to look at the People We Know Like and Trust section of this website. We have listed several body corporate management companies who we believe are client-oriented and willing to co-operate with bodies corporate.


If you use one of the strata companies in our People We Know, Like and Trust, please give us a report. We value your feedback at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Legislative concerns to Minister

Sunday, July 29th 2012


SCA Q Legislation Review Committee Presents List of Problems with the Qld legislation

The new Minister for Bodies Corporate in Queensland, the Attorney General Jarrod Bleijie, has been presented with a list of practical problems that need legislative or regulatory change. The ‘Dirty Dozen’ list has been compiled by specialist lawyers who comprise the Strata Community Australia Qld Legislative Review Committee.

The list has been outlined  in a paper distributed by Michael Kleinschmidt, a Sunshine Coast property and strata services partner at MacGillivrays Solicitors. Michael will present the issues and the proposed solutions at the 2012 Sunshine Coast Body Corporate industry Expo at Maroochydore on Friday 2 November 2012.

Here is a summary of many of the top issues the lawyers have found in the body corporate industry in Queensland.

Add your suggestions by sending us your issues and solutions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or discuss your issues with lawyers and body corporate experts at the expo.

  • Parking problems – must use existing by-law enforcement process. It is too slow. Solution – fines and/or alternate enforcement process.
  • QCAT – jurisdiction and costs. QCAT does not have power to award costs in jurisdictional disputes
  • Adjudication is used as a vehicle for defamation with statutory immunity. Solution – Notice to owner that application has been made. No automatic distribution of application to all owners
  • Layered schemes cannot be collapsed. Solution is an amendment to permit amalgamation of layered schemes into a single scheme.
  • Difficulties with governance and democracy in layered schemes with powers of principal and subsidiary schemes. One solution is to expand the definition of dispute, but applications only brought with leave.
  • Developers sometimes do not handover copies of Development Approvals relevant to the scheme
  • Access to legal representation in complex matters is not automatic at QCAT. Solution – QCAT should be entitled to consider character of the dispute
  • Debt recovery costs are not a body corporate debt. Solution- Recovery costs to be a body corporate debt but liable to costs assessment at instigation of debtor.


New Minister with New Priorities

Sunday, July 29th 2012

New Minister says management rights reform ‘not a priority for him or the government’.

Qld News by Garry Maynard

The new LNP Qld Attorney General and Minister for Justice, the Hon Jarrod Bleijie, inherited a government review of the management rights system developed here in Queensland.

At a recent public seminar at Mooloolaba organised by Archers Body Corporate Management, the new Minister outlined his initial reaction to the body corporate legislation reform priorities of the government, overturning previous positions.

While he says he will carefully consider all 217 submissions to the government on the issues paper on management rights developed by the previous government, Mr Bleijie said changing the system of on-site management would not be a priority. “While there may be some flaws and faults in it, the Queensland system of on-site caretakers is a good system. Other States are looking to copy our model,” the Minister said.

“Caretakers are businesses and for them to have successful financing of businesses, caretakers need to have secure, long term contracts,” Mr Bleijie said.

This news will be a major blow to the people now running the Unit Owners Assn of Qld who have tried to convince the government that caretaking contracts should be limited to three years and be non-renewable. These predominantly high-rise resident owners that now comprise the UOAQ committee have developed a no-compromise approach to negotiating management rights issues, a position that makes it difficult to include them in industry discussions about the issues.

The Minister is no stranger to body corporate laws in Queensland. Before he entered parliament Mr Bleijie worked for two different Sunshine Coast legal practices and specialised in this area of the law.

 He said that there are some caretaker issues that could and should be worked through and conceded that problems with caretakers could occur right from the start with inadequate or unsatisfactory contracts set up by developers. “Caretaker performance issues are a problem sometimes,” he said. “It is possible under the legislation to get rid of caretakers who are not doing their jobs but difficult to implement.”

Lot Entitlements Reversion  to end

Mr Bleijie was critical of the most recent amendments to the Lot Entitlements section of the Body Corporate and Community Management Act.  “We have this ridiculous situation where the previous government kept changing the rules every few years. The latest revision, the three year opportunity to revert almost automatically without even going to a vote of the body corporate to original lot entitlements is particularly strange, given that this change is in total disregard to the fact that changed lot entitlements had been worked out through specialist adjudications or the district court to determine fairness.” The Minister intends to stop this opportunity for individual owners to revert the complex’s lot entitlements as soon as he can.

Reduction of red tape a priority

The Attorney General said regulation of Queensland body corporate managers would be difficult to accomplish since it would be difficult to add more regulation. “The government’s policy is to reduce red tape by at least 20 per cent. Adding more regulations and rules will be hard to justify.” 

This will be difficult news for the organisation representing body corporate managers, Strata Communities Australia, Queensland, SCA Q. One of the prominent board members of SCAQ, Colin Archer, hosted the Minister and introduced him to the 170 guests at Mooloolaba on Wednesday 25 July. Colin Archer and the rest of the SCA Q board have been championing the licensing of body corporate managers in Queensland for many years. Strata managers are licensed in New South Wales.

In a lengthy session of answering questions from unit owners, including on-site managers, the Minister was presented with many individual complex issues to do with management contracts, unfairness of set ups and construction defects problems. A vigorous defence of the present system of on-site management by well known ARAMA Sunshine Coast identity, Mrs Maria Dukes, prompted enthusiastic applause from many in the audience.


Monday, June 18th 2012

The body corporate must insure common property and body corporate assets and buildings in which lots are located to their full replacement insured value. The Body Corporate and Community Management Act makes it compulsory for bodies corporate to obtain professional insurance valuations at least every 5 years to make sure that the common property areas are properly covered.

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Committee Planning Calendar

Saturday, December 24th 2011

For smaller complexes, self managed this committee planning calendar is very handy.

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Noise and Nuisance

Saturday, December 24th 2011

The Queensland govt has nuisance laws to help make Queensland a more liveable place. The laws aim to strike a balance between protecting our quality of life and the reasonable pursuit of activities that have the potential to annoy others.

The nuisance laws are complaint driven – that means a complaint must be made before a problem will be investigated. Anonymous complaints will not be accepted, but complaints will be kept confidential. Investigating officers have the power to issue warning notices, on-the-spot fines, or abatement notices. A warning notice may be issued first, with information on the laws and how to comply with the requirements.

Fines can be issued for common noise offences, usually after a warning notice has been issued. The minimum fine is $150 and the maximum is $600 for corporations not complying with abatement notices. Abatement notices can be issued for a number of offences relating to noise levels and emissions or fumes, light, odour and smoke. Abatement notices are issued to the person causing the nuisance and can require the person to stop the activities, or to reduce the nuisance to an acceptable level. People issued with fines and abatement notices can appeal against the decision. The Ipswich City Council website has a really useful resource for people who are concerned with noise coming from neighbours. (

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When someone is being picked on or excluded

Saturday, December 24th 2011

No one likes to be picked on, but in meetings sometimes, particularly meetings where there are established, self-interested  cliques in control who exclude other lot owners, cruelty to other people happens.

You can be part of the solution

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Writing Motions for Meetings

Saturday, December 24th 2011

Any lot owner can submit a motion to be considered at a general meeting. Lot owners are invited to submit their motions when the initial notice of meeting is sent out.

This is an important opportunity for lot owners, particularly people who are not on committees to have their inputs. If you really believe, for example, that the barbecue needs to be replaced, here is your opportunity to submit a suitable motion accompanied by two quotes and an explanatory schedule explaining just why people should vote for the motion.

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